About Us

      We're a young and developing model management based in Warsaw, that is now collaborating with number of different model agencies around the world and always opened for the new contacts in the model industry. Trying to become a new generation of truly effective model management, provides a very personalized way of developing each and every model aboard. Our main focus is to bring back a sense of clarity to the process of model management. 

      Stellar is constantly searching for new innovative ways to scout it's models. We created our own system of recruitment and training of perssional model scouts.


                                               STELLAR MISSION means:

                            ▵  a limited selection of models (whom we thoroughly         

                                  pre-screen in accordance with hight; appearance,

                                  age, character and identity);

                            ▵  strict professional discipline;

                            ▵  providing model training (catwalk, snapshots, tests,     

                                  portfolios, video);

                            ▵  an individual approach

     Models and talents of STELLAR 

are working in London, Milan, Paris, New York, Lisbon, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapur, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Istanbul and Taipei.



Stellar mgmt   Team

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